Ecoliving AirBlaster

Ecoliving AirBlaster

Bringing Clean Fresh Air indoor

Using the Latest 5 Advanced System combined into a single systems

  •  Space Certified Technology RCI 
  •  Germicidal UVC
  •  Activated Oxygen
  •  Anion Oxygen Ion
  •  Graphene Ion


Utilizing the Space Certified Technology. UV light and photo catalyst target, creating an Advanced Oxidation Process containing several friendly oxidizers. That’s is emitted into the air to further eliminated the bacteria, virus and pollutants


Adopt high intensity, long life performance  and high standard UVC band wave Ultraviolet to disinfection, with Sterilizing rate reaches 99.9%


has strong oxidation ability, which can immediately produce oxidation reaction to bacteria, virus or toxic substances and odor, can achieve deodorization, sterilizing etc. The sterilization speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The killing rate of bacteria is as high as 99%.


1) High Concentration of multiple anion will bring a continuous stream of fresh air, dust removal, air purification, lung function improvement, sleep improvement, metabolism promotion, and enhance immune system.

2) Negative charged oxygen ion has strong activity, strong redox effect, can destroy the activity of bacterial cell membrane or cell protoplast active enzyme, so as to achieve the purpose of antibacterial

and bactericidal          


1) The output concentration of anion increased by more than 10 times.

2) Accelerate the rapid collection and fall of dust.

Benefits and features

  • Improves the quality of air indoors,
  • Protects the air and surfaces by removing germs and virus,
  • UVC light helps kill airborne germs as they pass through the unit.
  • Built-in Sanitizing feature helps reduce mold, mildew and bacteria, germs and virus in unoccupied spaces.
  • Eliminates particulates, smoke, and tobacco smoke,
  • Removes any form of odors, such as chemical VOC, cigarette smell, etc…
  • Space Certified Technology produce Super Ions that continue to clean the air outside the unit, actively searching for pollutants
  • Customizable to your environment purification level

For Indoor Spaces 

Applicable for all indoor space, Home, Office, Commercial building, Childcare, Nursing Home, Hotel, Resturant, Toliet , Warehouse, Warerode,

Keeping our living spaces tsterilizes and safe for everyone that living spaces to work, home and play. Air surround effectively kill germs in all direction, with killing rates reaching over 99%, maintain good air quality.

For Public Transports 

Taxi, PHV, Public bus, MRT, Train, Coach, etc…

Protect the public transports on the moves that sterilizes and safe for everyone that travel to work, home and play. Air surround effectively kill germs in all direction, with killing rates reaching over 99%, maintain good air quality.

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