What is the Technology

The latest breakthrough by G3Tech in mineral plants extract catalyst, Photosensitizer Polypeptide PS-P.

PS-P is a natural occurring compounds from plants extracts. Plant Proteins are extracted to make the active ingredients. The PSP molecule generates high amount of oxygen species (O2) and water to kill germs.

The PS-P is a non-metal catalyst that regenerate the oxygen from repeated uses.

When used as a disinfectant, the PS-P binds to the after-cleaned surface and continue to kill new germs. It is also the only known technology that can kills viruses without using toxin. At almost edible grade (>LD5000), and efficacy at 99.9999%, it is the most effective antimicrobial property known.

G3Tech is also the only known antimicrobial technology that KILLS the microbes instead of merely slow or inhibits bacteria growth. Methods using silver ion, nanoparticles, titanium dioxide (TiO2), chemical or other metal-catalytic cannot kill but slow the microorganism growth.

As such, these disease control techniques are useless as virus and bacteria are still infectious. These metal catalysts and chemical are highly toxic as it is not degradable that leaches into the environment as pollution. The PS-P do not produce residues, will dissolve as non-toxic wastes, and are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

An active surface disinfectant that stay on dry surface to kill new germs and viruses.

Why Ecoliving G3Tech

In General, Germs are living organisms and can only be killed by poison with toxin.

G3Tech adopt a new catalytically pathway that uses normal oxygen (16O2 ) make by a mineral plants extract catalyst to kill germs and viruses.

The PSP natural disinfectant achieved 99.9999 (6 logs) efficacy in antibacterial and anti-virus without use of toxin and is the only known disinfectant that is effective against EV71 (HFMD – Hand-foot mouth disease). Tests were conducted and validated at the Singapore National University Medical school that shown a 100% anti-virus efficacy against EV71. In a follow-up test at China Institute of Microbiology, the PS-P has achieved a 99.7% efficacy against the influenza virus. The disinfectant has attained the highest hospital-grade antimicrobial disinfectant with >6 logs, 99.9999% efficacy against MRSA, SA, E-coli, and Spore.

With a focus on healthcare, childcare and hospitality markets, G3Tech revolutionized a no-toxin antimicrobial formula The toxicity tests were conducted at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at LD5000 that is saver than table salts. G3Tech is the safest disinfectant known. Unlike disinfectants and sanitizers in the markets, which mostly relies on alcohol, chemical, and toxicity to inhibit microbes, G3 Tech Photo-biology obtained its PS-P (Photosensitizer Polypeptide) from a combination of plants extracts. The PS-P than produces a high amount of energy oxygen when in contact with pathogenic microbes, thereby completely killing it. With our commitment for safe and natural products, we have insisted to use only natural occurring compounds and to fully disclose our formula. The disinfectant and Sanitizer form a thin layer of the membrane as a shield for continuous protection. This protection has proven to be very effective in stopping communicable disease transmission.

Natural occurring compounds from plants extracts Uses No Toxin Natural Continue Protection.

An active surface disinfectant that stay on dry surface to kill new germs and viruses.



Catalyst is a molecule, relies on oxygen generated to KILL microbes. The advantage of a catalytically molecule (catalyst) and its by-products that is an oxygen species has no toxin. The high amount of oxygen (which are the same type of oxygen in the air) has an oxidizing effect that kills the microbe instantly. The benefits of this antimicrobial mechanism are the continuous killing of new germs on sanitized surfaces and do not even cause irritant on human contact.


Toxins are poisons from chemicals that kill living organism by breaking its DNA or protein. Poison is used since the beginning of time to kill microbes. High dosage often caused death or health problems. Almost all disinfectants and sanitizers use this conventional way of killing microbes with toxins. However, as microbes are living organisms, it has developed resistance to these chemicals and that rendered the disinfectant ineffective as microbes are increasing become antibiotic and chemical resistance.


Current anti-virus claims have no convincing and scientific proof. Viruses, more infectious than bacteria, are microbes smallest in size, such as Hand foot and mouth virus (HFMD) Viruses stay in the air and surface for days and requires only a small number to be infectious. Presently, the only known way to kill the virus is through chemical toxicity, such as high bleach and water-based disinfectant.

G3Tech uses a non-contact, photo-based method that does not rely on toxicity to kill the virus. In aqueous form, our PS-P is capable to kill 100%EV71 with 15min. As a coating on the dry surface, such as paint and fabric, we achieved an efficacy of 90% in 15min and 99% in 24 hours. This is the only known anti-virus technology that is effective when used as sanitizer and do not uses toxin, chemical leach in killing virus. An active surface disinfectant that stay on dry surface to kill new germs.

Other Products using G3Tech PS-P

Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectants

Only sanitizer and disinfectant that stay on to protect you after one application.

Children often infected during play. We carries the germs and spread across our body and clothing. Conventional disinfectant only kills germs on contact. G3 tech hand sanitizer offers protection to the child by preventing new germs from forming even after the application is dried up. A protective layer is formed to stop new germs in forming and cause secondary infection.. One application of G3 Tech Hand Sanitizer has been shown to remain effective continually until wash away. With no toxicity, the protective layer do not leach nor cause harm to the child.

Paint and Coating

G3Tech and Nippon have collaborated successfully integrate the antimicrobial technology into Nippon paint to eliminate fungi, moulds, bacteria and viruses with efficacy of 99.99% in 1 hour. The paint are able also capable in breaking down formaldehyde effective, tested by A*STAR.   

Clothing and Fabrics

G3Tech – SMART-P Fabric coating is an antibacterial, anti-virus water repellent & stain resistant finish for textiles based on a advanced composite technology from Singapore.  It also imparts excellent water repellence, fast drying feature, stain resistance while maintaining the soft-feel for cotton-based textiles. SMART-P-Shield is tested according to AATCC standard and is skin safe according to OEKO-TEK 100 a Swiss standard

Many other products will be along the ways to help serve the community, and keeping it a clean and healthy environment.

About Us

Ecoliving system Pte Ltd, is a Eco Company that provides Fresh Air, Healthy Water, and Clean Spaces. With more than 13 years, serving Government agency, MNC, Childcare, Hotel and homes. Ecoliving, vision to Live in Harmony with Nature, Live with Purpose, Giving Meaning, Making this Earth a better place to live in. Let our future children have Fresh Air, Healthy Water and Clean Spaces. Ecoliving distribute eco and green products.

The G3 Blue Technology Pte Ltd serve in the bio-healthcare industry that provides clean air, clean-water solutions. G3 antimicrobial technology is highly-effective against a broad spectrum of harmful microbes such as bacteria, virus, spores, and fungi. G3Tech makes use of polypeptide, that is the building blocks for protein, a conjugated bio-molecule collectively denoted as PS-P. The technology has a reinforced in-built dual antimicrobial mechanism using light and/or antimicrobial peptides. It differentiates from toxin-induced chemical ways of killing microbes. G3 Tech is the only technology that do not uses toxin to kill germs. The PS-P is a plant extracted, near edible grade molecule that cannot kills germs by itself. It kills germs with the oxygen by product produced from the molecule. The company has research facilities that received supports from Harvard Medical School, China Academy of Science, Singapore A*STAR and Singapore National University Medical school.