Plant Based Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Free Sanitizer that Cleans, Sanitizes and Protects
•Safe and easy to use
•Total Plant Extract with natural occurring compounds
•Long lasting protection -Perpetually kills germs with a layer of protection
•Tested Kill 99.99% against Germs and HFMD (EV71)
•A Globally breakthrough in killing germs with no toxicity

gentle hand sanitizer
Gentle hand sanitizer that protects

All Natural Plant based Sanitizer
Ecoliving Hand sanitizer uses only the natural ingredient mother nature provide and we go as close to nature as possible to enjoy the nature scent right in our indoor, where we work, rest and play.

We uses the natural moisturiser-Aloe Vera, herb-Chamomile for skin and disinfectant-Curcumin and Korean pine oil. All natural and enhanced by G3 Tech that can further disinfect and protects our surfaces.

Aloe Vera

Totally Green Natural Disinfectant
It is a totally new revolutionary plant based disinfectant that sanitize, deodorizes and protects our surfaces. Especially for our loved one, our children, and we bring the power of natural indoor.
All ages will love is Natural Sanitizer.