SurfaceGuard G3 Purifying Coating

SurfaceGuard G3 Purifying Coating

Could You Be Touching Various Contaminated Surfaces Daily and Risking Your Health?

Germs, viruses and indoor contaminants are causing a wide variety of adverse health effects, including diseases, headaches, respiratory problems, chronic cough, frequent sore throats and colds, skin rashes, eye irritation, dizziness lethargy, memory lapse and etc…

We could be touching different contaminated surfaces everyday, which sometimes not even aware of the daily threat within places we live, work and play. Get your interior surface protected with revolutionary SurfaceGuard G3 Purifying Coating today!

Common Indoor Contaminants


Size: 0.003 – 0.05 μm


Size: 0.3 – 30 μm


Size: 1 – 100 μm

Dust Mites

Size: 100 – 300 μm

Haze Particulates

Size: ≤ 2.5 µm

Tobacco Smoke

Size: 0.01 to 1 μm


Size: 1 – 100 μm

Animal Dander

Size: Approx. 2.5 μm

Mold Spores

Size: 10 – 30 μm

Plant Spores

Size: 10 – 30 μm

Skin Flakes

Size: 5-10 microns

Textile Fibres

Size: 10 – 1000 μm

Solution: Introducing The Breakthrough Technology


Self Purifying | Clean and Fresh | Effective Cleaning

Highly Recommended For Homes, Childcare, Offices, Gym, Apartments, Medical/Dental Offices, Small Shops, Places for Live, Work and Play. Get SurfaceGuard G3 Purifying Coating and get protected now!

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Why SurfaceGuard G3? The 10 Benefits

Kills Germs and Virus

Kills Mold and Mildew

Remove Smell and Odour

Remove Formaldehyde and Chemical

Water Repelling

Stain Resistance

Dust Repelling

Easy Cleaning

Plant-based Disinfectant

Self-Purifying Continuous Protection more than 365 days

How It Works?

This is a breakthrough in the technology of plant based technology. G3Tech had been researching and improving the technology for over 9 years.

The active ingredient is a mineral plant extract catalyst, which is plant based protein structure, known as the Polypeptide PS-P.

PS-P is a natural occurring compounds from plant extract. The PS-P molecule generates high amount of oxygen species (O2) to kill germs and virus.

PS Technology

Light-excited PS interacts with molecular oxygen to produce:
(1) reactive oxygen species (ROS) => type 1;
(2) excited singlet state oxygen => type 2.
The formed high-energy oxidizing products will kill the pathogenic microbes; The ground state PS is regenerated. Treatment include antibiotic but may caused repeated infection due to fungi resistant.

Purifying Coating Tested and Certification of Efficacy

EcoLiving SurfaceGuardTM G3 purifying coating binds to the after-cleaned surface and continue to kill new germs. It is also the ONLY known technology that can kill viruses without using toxin. At almost edible grade (>LD5000), and efficacy at 99.9999%, it is the most effective antimicrobial property known.

1. SGS
MRSA Efficacy Test at > 99.999%

2. NUS Medical School
Virus Efficacy Test at 100%

3. TUV PSB Singapore
Virus Efficafy Test at 99.9999%

4. A-Star…..
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5. China Detection Center for Microbiology
Efficacy Test at 100%

6. Japan Microbiology Lab
Efficacy Test at 99%

7. Japan Industrial Standard
Garment Efficacy Test at 99%

8. China Academic of Science
Efficacy Test at 99%

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EcoLviving SurfaceGuardTM G3 purifying coating is the most effective Plant Based surface Disinfectant in the world.

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